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BUIO Capsules Nespresso® Original Compatible

Dark Roast Espresso Coffee in a Fully Compostable Espresso Pod (Nespresso® OriginalLine Compatible) 

We work with a small family farm from the Andean province of Moyobamba in Peru whose beans have a well-balanced exotic flavor, with notes of sweet brown sugar, vanilla and heavy chocolate and a honey aroma. Our Ethiopian beans come from a small family farm on the Kanyon Mountain, in the south of the country some 320 miles from the capital city of Addis Ababa. Their beans carry a sweet, clean, and floral honeysuckle aroma, with notes of caramel, lemon tart in a cup with medium acidity and juicy body. In Indonesia, we source different varietals, from a women-led co-op from the Gayo highlands of Aceh province on the island of Sumatra. Their beans produce a coffee with a juicy body, with clean notes of lemon and lime, cacao, pipe tobacco, light ginger and a long finish.

Compatible with Nespresso® OriginalLine

Our NEXE BUIO is a Dark Roast espresso coffee


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